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Cheese Curds, 9/1: 53 man roster predictions and Aaron Jones talks offense

Taking a look at a prediction for the 53 man roster, and Aaron Jones has good things to say about the offense.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we have made it to September, which means we are officially in the starting month of the NFL season. It has been a crazy year for sports, and even the NFL felt the changes with no preseason. Even so, the regular season is on track, and the Green Bay Packers are 12 days away from their opening game against the Minnesota Vikings.

With training camp winding down, coaches and fans are starting to get a feel on who will likely make the roster going into the first game. Players are beginning to show improvement year over year, and the coaches are taking notice.

The offense under Matt LaFleur is also starting to flourish in the second year of his tenure, and players have great things to say about it. Speaking of the offense, Matt LeFleur has made it clear that all running backs on the roster will play a role on the team, and that the offensive line will a year long competition.

Of course, there is more talk of Jordan Love and his progression. Read through all the stories below.

Packers 53-man roster predictions two weeks before season | Lombardi Ave

The regular season is fast approaching, and people are starting to make predictions on who will make the regular season roster. With a lot of solid running backs on the roster, that will be one place where the Packers coaching staff will have to make some tough decisions.

Training Camp Buzz: Packers RB Aaron Jones says offense looks ‘crisper’ in Year 2 under Matt LaFleur | NFL

The first season under head coach LeFleur was riddled with ups and downs in the offense. To start most game, the Packers looked like they were shot out of a cannon, only to grow stale towards half time. Aaron Jones spoke about how he can feel the changes in the offense going into year two.

Matt LaFleur on Packers RBs: ‘Going to see all of those guys in the mix’ | Packers Wire

Matt LeFleur has also been speaking about the offense, highlighting the amount of potential play-makers there are at running back for the Packers. Which means, we will see every running back on the roster contributing to the offense week in and week out.

Matt LaFleur details improvement from Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Jordan Love | Packers Wire

Training camp is where coaches see players start to improve and coach LeFleur talked about two players in particular: Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Jordan Love. Valdes-Scantling is coming off a forgettable year, but the Packers coaches and Aaron Rodgers both believe in his abilities. Jordan Love continues to improve and ended up having a solid outing during their scrimmage.

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