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Hottest Take of the Week: Jermichael Finley and DVOA take over after week one

Matub looks at the takes from Week 1 of the NFL season.

Although the opening week of the NFL season behind us, the plan this week was to just look at hindsight takes from the offseason in the first HTOTW of 2020. Many things were said in a disparaging manner about Aaron Rodgers that would have been fun to point and laugh at. Many fans, Matub included, thought that Aaron was outside of his prime and would be an issue this year. But Aaron silenced the doubters while scorching the Vikings.

Instead, former Packer Jermichael Finley and multiple beat reporters ended up as the topic of discussion

Jermichael had a litany of takes to choose from, including but not limited to a defense of Mike McCarthy and whether or not he can still play.

Finley’s takes ended up not even coming close to those from the anti-analytics crowd, though. Multiple reporters on the Packers beat spoke very negatively about Football Outsiders’ advanced stat DVOA.

Finally, Matub closes in an unusually serious manner and quickly goes over the matchup against the Lions. Enjoy!