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Cheese Curds, 9/24: Packers still wary of Drew Brees and with good reason

Don’t let the slow start fool you: Brees can still shred a defense at any given point

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

At the start of every NFL season, there is at least one quarterback that has people asking, “what’s wrong with him?”

You know the story. The normally reliable quarterback is struggling and not looking like himself causing eyebrows to be raised only a few weeks later for the quarterback to roar back to life and silence the critics.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been the victim of such speculation in the past and the quarterback of their next opponent, the New Orleans Saints, is the flavor du jour on the “what’s wrong with this guy?” buffet.

Drew Brees’ case is a little different in that he’s 41 years old and there is a legitimate argument to made Father Time is catching up to him, but it would be absolutely foolish to call him washed and the Packers know it.

If this is indeed the end, Brees won’t go down fighting and he still has one the league’s best coaches and play callers in his corner in Sean Payton.

The loss of star receiver Michael Thomas definitely hurts, something Rodgers can relate to from 2015 when he was without Jordy Nelson, so perhaps he just needs time to adapt and trust his other receivers. Don’t forget there’s also Alvin Kamara and with Green Bay still struggling against the run, Kamara alone should be enough to keep the Packers defense on the edge of their seats.

For more on why the Packers are still wary about the Saints offense, here are the rest of today’s curds.

When Packers look at Saints’ Drew Brees, they still see Hall of Fame quarterback—

Early season returns may not show it, but Brees is still capable of making a defense look silly. Here’s hoping Mike Pettine doesn’t allow his crew to be the one that gets the Saints back on track.

Davante Adams ‘feeling better’ but unsure for Sunday night Packers-Saints game—

Should Sunday’s game turn into the shootout many are expecting, having Davante Adam’s would be big for the Packers. At least, as we saw last year, the offense can still perform at a high level without their best receiver but having Adams in the lineup certainly helps.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is PFF’s top player after two weeks—Packers Wire

In case you haven’t noticed even the numbers agree: Rodgers is back in business.

Falcons WR Julio Jones further strained hamstring in Week 2 loss—

With Atlanta looming as the Packers’ next opponent after the Saints, this is an injury worth following. No Julio Jones would definitely tip the field in the Packers’ favor next week.

Authorities probing crocodile sightings in Michigan river—UPI

Crocodiles in the Midwest? I’m betting nobody had that on their 2020 bingo card.