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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Titans’ COVID outbreak, situation in Green Bay could impact the Packers

The Green Bay market currently ranks last in the NFL in terms of COVID outbreaks and it’s weighing on players’ minds.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We all knew it was bound to happen and now we get to see how the NFL responds.

It was just a matter of time before a team experienced. a COVID outbreak. Such is the reality of trying to play football in the midst of a pandemic. With the Tennessee Titans up to nine cases as of this morning (four players, five personnel) it is not outside the realm of possibility to think the season could hang in the balance depending on how the league’s protocols work or don’t work in this case.

It is worth noting the Minnesota Vikings had zero positive tests come back after playing the Titans on Sunday, but this is only the first of many days where an outbreak could occur there.

Meanwhile in Green Bay, the Packers appear to be safe but with the Green Bay market currently worst among the NFL’s 30 markets in terms of COVID activity the team knows this could change at any time.

With the bye week approaching after Monday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, head coach Matt LaFleur will likely have to reinforce the message to his players to be smart and avoid large gatherings. It would be a shame to see the team’s strong start undone by any reckless behavior on the part of a few or even just one player.

Obviously we’d love to be talking football right now but we cannot stress how serious the situation with the Titans is and the repercussions it will have across the entire league. Safety has to come before everything.

There’s more on the COVID situation in today’s curds.

Packers stress importance of taking precautions after Titans’ COVID-19 outbreak—

LaFleur set the tone early and thanks to the Packers’ strong start to the season, here’s hoping the players don’t take needless risks and let what right now appears to be a potential Super Bowl season slip through their fingers.

Green Bay ranks No. 1 worst for coronavirus among NFL markets—WISN

If you don’t live in Wisconsin, you don’t know how bad things are getting here and particularly the Green Bay/Fox Valley region. Hospitals are near capacity and it is not limited to one age group. This is serious and I hope if you do live here you are wearing a mask and taking all proper precautions.

COVID News Hitting Close to Home for Packers—PackersCentral

“One guy can take down the entire operation,” said LaFleur. If that doesn’t keep the players in line, I don’t know what will.

Packers LB Ty Summers far from satisfied with defensive debut—

For an actual football topic, Ty Summers did look a little shaky at times on Sunday but he was good enough overall. Will that suffice the rest of the way? We will have to see.

Gray parrots separated at zoo after swearing a blue streak—Associated Press

This still was probably more civilized than last night’s debate.