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Packers Roster Cut Tracker 2020: Following releases up to the 53-man deadline

Follow along with the Packers’ roster cuts as they trim down from 80 to 53 this weekend.

Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The hours are counting down to 3:00 PM Central Time on Saturday. That is the final deadline for NFL teams to reach an active roster of just 53 players, with teams cutting down from a training camp roster of 80.

This means that the Green Bay Packers have to remove 27 players from the active roster by mid-afternoon on Saturday. Three of those moves appear to be straightforward — moving players on active injury lists (NFI and PUP) to the reserve lists. That will keep those players out for at least six weeks, but the Packers will retain them on the team during that time. The team may not officially confirm those moves until the roster is official, but they seem like a logical way to open up three spots.

That means that the team will need to move on from 24 more players to get down to 53. We at Acme Packing Company will track all of the reported moves throughout the next several hours as the team trims the roster to reach 53.

Reported Releases

Players on injury lists

These players will remain on the active roster until moved to the reserve lists or released. It is expected that all three will be moved to the reserve lists by cut-down time.

Players reportedly ‘safe’ on the 53-man roster