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Packers-Rams Divisional Playoff Q&A: What can Packers do against Rams’ elite defense?

Known for their offense under Sean McVay, the Rams have put together what could be the NFL’s best defense this year.

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The greatest show on turf might actually refer to the Los Angeles Rams’ defense this year. If you’re into that kind of show, you’re in for a treat. Under coordinator Brandon Staley, the Rams have found new and inventive ways to make life miserable for opposing offenses.

But they have to have a weakness, right? Right?! To find out, we again turn to Kenneth Arthur of Turf Show Times. If you haven’t checked out our look at the Rams’ offense, be sure to give that a click as well.

Acme Packing Company: The Rams’ defense is elite, but even the most elite teams have weak spots. How should the Packers attack the Rams defense?

Kenneth Arthur: I’d wager to disagree with you there. I could nitpick a few things they aren’t 10/10 at, but elite defensive seasons are so rare, why bother? If it weren’t for all the turnovers on offense, I think we could be talking about the Rams defense as being up there with the best of this century. Of course, they’ll need to win a Super Bowl and defeat Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau to get there, but I believe they have the talent at this particular perfect storm of a moment in time. You can run on ‘em a little bit but with Aaron Donald upfront, Jalen Ramsey in coverage and John Johnson deep, it’s better than any defense in the league. The players between those three are all playing their best ball. It’s the type of offense-vs-defense showdown you hope to see in the NFL playoffs. The Rams may also be at their closest to “full strength” on defense as they’ve been all year. If the Packers put up 30 points against the Rams — without the aid of a lot of mistakes by the Rams offense — it’ll be a bigger accomplishment than anything else they’ve done during a remarkably great season.

APC: What is the most fun thing to watch about Aaron Donald?

KA: I don’t think people who don’t see it every week truly get it — Aaron Donald takes over games. I’ve seen him seem so frustrated with the offense at times this season that he will simply take over a game and force the opponent’s offense to give the ball up and practically tell McVay, “Try again...” Or the Rams defense will score on its own. He’s not blockable. He’s the best that’s been doing it since he entered the league and he’s not even 30 yet. If this is a low-scoring contest in the third quarter and the Rams can’t get any offense going, let’s see if Donald makes a play or two to turn things back in LA’s favor. He’s a true MVP candidate — put him right there atop the ballot next to Rodgers.

APC: If there was one player on the Rams defense you were most concerned about having exposed on Saturday, who would it be?

KA: Cornerback Troy Hill has his moments. You can test him and win sometimes. You can also test him and see why he has three touchdowns this year. It’s an interesting ride with Hill.

APC: What’s your prediction for Saturday? If you say Rams by a million, I might laugh, but I won’t judge.

KA: I don’t really believe in predictions. I understand why everybody is picking the Packers. I don’t understand why every prediction I’ve read so far is 10+ points in favor of Green Bay. The Rams aren’t going to bring the type of offense that most NFL fans will claim they want to see, so that may be why they weren’t paying attention to them. But the Rams bring the best defense in the NFL into this game. I just don’t see Green Bay pulling away. I think it will come down to how well the Rams can run on the Packers.