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APC Week 17 NFL Picks: Packers will clinch #1 seed, knock Bears out of playoffs with win

Our writers are feeling good about Green Bay coming out of Chicago with a win and the NFC’s top seed on Sunday afternoon.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

The Green Bay Packers have a thrilling opportunity this Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field. They will meet the Chicago Bears in a season finale for the first time since 2013, when Green Bay famously won on Aaron Rodgers’ 48-yard touchdown pass to Randall Cobb. This year it’s not a win-and-you’re-in game for the Packers, but rather a chance to earn home-field advantage in the playoffs and the NFC’s only playoff bye.

The Bears, on the other hand, are fighting to make it into the postseason. A Chicago win puts them in the playoffs and could set up a rematch at Lambeau Field in a few days in the Wild Card round, depending on the final seeding across the conference. However, both teams can still achieve their desired goals with some help if they lose; the Bears will be in with a Rams victory over the Cardinals, while the Packers could get the top seed if the Seattle Seahawks lose or tie on Sunday afternoon.

Acme Packing Company’s picks make this situation an easy one to decipher if all goes according to our writers’ expectations. The relevant games for the Bears go down as sweeps, with the Packers getting the pick across the board and the Cardinals also earning a sweet against the Jared Goff-less Rams. Those results would put the Packers in as the top seed and would leave the Bears on the outside looking in.

Should the Packers lose, however, the odds of them getting that top seed look dicey. The Saints and Seahawks are both favored in Sunday’s games against the Panthers and 49ers, respectively, and our writers are picking both favorites by 5-1 margins. Thus a Packers loss would send them down to the 3rd seed if those other results hold.

Once again, the Packers’ seeding possibilities are as follows:

1-seed: Packers win or tie OR Seahawks loss or tie
2-seed: Packers loss AND Seahawks win AND Saints loss or tie
3-seed: Packers loss AND Seahawks win AND Saints win

Here are our picks for Sunday’s games.