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Friday Cheese Curds: How Fixing a Hitch Got Aaron Rodgers Back in Rhythm

Rodgers credits hitting the weight room as a big reason he returned to MVP form in 2020.

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

If you want to read something about the future of Aaron Rodgers, there are hundreds of click bait articles around the internet to satisfy you.

Here we are actually going to look at Rodgers’ past and by past we mean his work prior to the 2020 season where he likely won his third NFL MVP award.

During the course of the regular season, the Green Bay Packers quarterback mentioned something he saw on film dating back to the 2010 season that changed in recent years that may have led to his “sub par” seasons the past few years. At the time he didn’t specify what exactly he saw.

Now, with the Packers’ season over, the truth has finally come out.

It turns out Rodgers saw there was an issue with “rhythm in (his) hitch.” The quarterback corrected it by working on regaining strength in his lower body that was lost partially due to his leg injury that affected him for most of the 2018 season. This meant squats and other exercises to regain not just muscle mass but also trust in his own legs to regain the confidence he once had in making plays on the run.

48 touchdowns and a soon-to-be MVP trophy later, we’d say mission accomplished.

There’s more on Rodgers’ rebuilt strength plus a history lesson on Packers helmets in today’s cheese curds.

Aaron Rodgers reveals the secret thing he discovered that powered his MVP season—Packers Wire

The rhythm in his hitch allowed the rhythm in the rest of his game to fall back into place and suddenly the lethal form of Rodgers was back. If he can continue to take care of his body the way he did this year, Rodgers will be playing quarterback *in Green Bay* for several more years to come.

Packers preparing to promote Maurice Drayton to role of special teams coordinator—

Promoting from within was probably not on many fans’ wish list when it came to replacing Shawn Mennenga as special teams coordinator, but other teams were apparently looking at Maurice Drayton so Matt LaFleur probably felt like he had to act quickly.

FOX Sports Wisconsin’s 2020 Green Bay Packers season awards—FOX Sports Wisconsin

It’s now awards season and the most improved player is rightfully someone many armchair GMs were declaring a bust only a few games into his second season.

When did Packers start wearing face guards? Here’s a detailed history—

Given the violent nature of football, it’s mind boggling that the game was one played with helmets that had no face guards. The Packers didn’t have them for first 20 or so years of their existence.

Chimpanzee escapes from zoo enclosure, but returns on its own—UPI

If only the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park had shown such courtesy.