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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers looking to get ground attack up and running

Aaron Jones only has 158 rushing yards through three games. That’s not where Jones or Green Bay wants to be.

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers offense appears to be firing on all cylinders again after a dismal start to the regular season against the New Orleans Saints.

Well, almost all cylinders anyway. There is one phase of the offense that has yet to fully find its footing and that is the running game.

Aaron Jones has been scoring touchdowns near the goal line and in the passing attack, but has yet to find consistency between the 20s. There have been moments where he and AJ Dillon produced some decent yardage but they haven’t been able to piece it all together quite yet.

It isn’t necessarily the players’ fault, however. The game in New Orleans got away so fast the running game had to quickly be abandoned and the Packers also had to keep pace early with the Detroit Lions in Week 2. They made some progress last week, especially considering Jones had all of 76 rushing yards entering the game, but there is more work ahead.

They will get their opportunities over the next two weeks to get back on track as the Pittsburgh Steelers rank 13th in yards allowed per attempt and the Cincinnati Bengals are even worse at 31st.

The Packers will get this right, but it’s the last piece to making the offense truly an unstoppable juggernaut. Let’s hope this is the week against the Steelers.

Packers confident their lackluster running game will break out soon—

Matt LaFleur committing to the run would also be beneficial to getting Jones going. Three games into the season is not quite enough to say there’s a problem but there should at least be concerned.

Packers add RB A.J. Dillon to Week 4 injury report on Thursday—Packers Wire

This obviously isn’t good news for a running game that has been struggling, but Kylin Hill waits in the wings should Dillon not be able to play on Sunday and he was a stud of the preseason. That could add an extra dimension if he’s called upon.

Packers feel fortunate to have ‘selfless’ Allen Lazard—

While his targets probably haven’t been what he wants, Allen Lazard has emerged as one of the best blocking wide receivers in the game. He wasn’t even afraid to take on Nick Bosa during Sunday’s game and also made the first explosive play of the game.

How do you stop Packers WR Davante Adams? Teams have tried (almost) everything—ESPN

Teams have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Davante Adams and still haven’t found a way to disrupt the connection between him and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Even a violent, illegal, and uncalled hit to the head didn’t stop him.

Amazon driver’s insect mishap sends package to roof of home—UPI

Swatting at a bee can not only irritate the creature and put you at risk for being stung but it can also make your day work take a really weird turn.