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88 Lines About 44 Bears Quarterbacks

The history of Bear quarterbacks is hilarious, and so I wrote a song about it.

Earlier this year at The Ringer, Rodger Sherman ranked every single Chicago Bears quarterback since they last won a Super Bowl in 1985, through the 2020 season. There are 45 in total, and he provides a useful nugget on everyone, from scab Sean Payton, to current Bears quality control coach Henry Burris, to NFC Championship Game legend Caleb Hanie.

It’s a fun piece, and a perfect read to get excited for Bears week. At this point, counting the number of quarterbacks the Bears have had during the Rodgers era, the Favre era, the combined Rodgers/Favre era, etc., is a frequent Packer writer pastime, but I wanted to try to put a new spin on things. After all, while Justin Fields hasn’t been great so far, there’s at least some chance that they actually have a good quarterback for the first time since Jim McMahon. Given the up-in-the-air status of Aaron Rodgers, we may not be able to do this much longer.

Anyway, using research from Sherman’s column, and Bear historian Jack Silverstein’s twitter timeline, I put together this song, about the 44 quarterbacks after McMahon up until 2020. I hope you like it.