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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Packers prepare for the Kyler Murray experience

The Packers’ defense has benefitted from subpar QB play so far, but they likely won’t have that luxury on Thursday.

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Who’s the best quarterback the Packers have played this year? It’s a harder question than you might think, but not necessarily because you’re spoiled for choice. The Packers haven’t exactly faced a slew of future Hall of Famers so far this year, and their defense (and overall record) have benefitted as a result.

But that’s about to change. Though there are some injury considerations at play, the next five weeks will pit the Packers against a series of quarterbacks ranging from the league’s best and brightest to, at worst, Kirk Cousins, a player who’s at the very least a competent NFL quarterback.

The first man up, though, is Kyler Murray, the 24-year-old former number one overall pick. Murray leads the league in completion percentage and has tossed 17 touchdown passes already this year. He is, in short, of a different class than any quarterback the Packers have faced thus far.

With the offense beset by COVID-19 woes, the Packers’ defense would already be facing a higher level of scrutiny. Now, faced with their first top-tier quarterback of the season, we’ll be able to get an idea of exactly what the team has on that side of the ball. If they can slow the Cardinals at all, it might be enough to keep the game close. If not, it could give us more reason to be concerned beyond whatever ails the team this week.

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