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Packers OL Lucas Patrick gives great analogy on in-game criticisms from Aaron Rodgers

“Everyone has an emotional bank account with people.”

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers made offensive lineman Lucas Patrick, who has been starting at center in place for the injured Josh Myers recently, available to the media on Monday. Myers, who was barked at a few times by quarterback Aaron Rodgers this season, was asked about his mindset when given on-field criticisms, after tight end Josiah Deguara was chewed out for lining up incorrectly on Thursday Night Football last week.

Great question. I think the best way to describe this is everyone has an emotional bank account with people. Hopefully, yours is, you know, quote-unquote has a lot of money. I look at my emotional bank account with a lot of guys in this locker room...there’s been a lot of deposits and, unfortunately, you guys don’t get to see the deposits.

Sometimes they’re daily. Sometimes they’re weekly. Sometimes it’s one big one every two or three months. But most of the time, y’all see the withdrawals, which is okay. If you have somebody that’s making deposits, whether it’s big, small, incremental, or whatever, when they make the withdrawal, there’s emotional credit to give out.

So that’s how I feel anytime [Aaron Rodgers] says or does anything. That’s how I feel with a lot of my teammates. I get what you’re saying. It doesn’t matter how it comes out because I know you as a person and I trust you as a person, so whatever you need to say to get out of me the correction or whatever happens in that moment, how it’s communicated, that’s okay with me because of prior deposits they’ve put into our friendship.

Video below: