The "Un Pack" podcast a study in hypocrisy

I just listened to the first half of this podcast. I understand the frustration w/ #12 and his issues w/ the truth. I was very disappointed in how this was handled on the podcast. Although the hosts claimed it is not a red vs blue thing for them, the content was a laundry list of liberal takes. Here are few curious topics:

  1. Rodgers did "fake" research and Joe Rogan is essentially his doctor bc he took "horse medicine" Two references to the horse medicine. Podcast didn't bother to research Ivermectin. I did - it is labeled for use as anti-viral medicine: "Ivermectin is a well-known medicine that is approved as an antiparasitic by the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration." - American Journal of Therapeutics.
  2. There is no reason 100% of people should not be vaccinated. So everyone - including my wife who has blood clot issues and could die from the vaccine - should be vaccinated or they are a risk to the public.
  3. Rodgers is not being attacked by the woke mob/cancel culture. Also, he should not have a platform and needs to be silenced.
  4. Rodger's is lying about being allergic. He is also a risk to the public health with his anti-vax ideas (see above). Podcasters clearly know much more than Rodgers and say it is basically medically impossible to be allergic to the vaccine (also see above).
  5. People are going to disagree w/ us but they are snowflakes. Also, one of the hosts is done w/ Aaron Rodgers and the worst thing that could happen is for the Packers to go on and win a Super Bowl this year. That quite a leap, snowflake.
  6. I didn't listen to the Pat Mcafee show, but I saw two live tweets about it.....

I'm mad at Rodgers too. He's been a douche for a while now, but in my opinion terrible job covering this. You lost a fan today.

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