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Acme Packing Company discusses Packers stock sale on ESPN’s Outside the Lines

APC’s Paul Noonan recently appeared on Outside the Lines with Michele Steele to discuss the Packers, their stock, and the unique corporate structure that keeps them in Green Bay.

NFL: JUL 24 Green Bay Packers Shareholders Meeting Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Wednesday, APC’s own Paul Noonan appeared on the Outside the Lines segment of ESPN’s SportsCenter with Michele Steele to discuss the Packers’ latest stock offering. Paul touched on the those who choose to lable Packers’ stock a scam, the true value of the stock to fans, players, and the community at large, and the reasons the league, and the other owners, fear and detest having to deal with a community owned team. They also touch on Paul’s twitter tiff with Darren Rovell, and why the viewpoint that all corporations must focus on creating shareholder income is myopic and limited.

The Packers’ unique, decentralized structure limits the number of shares that any individual can own, restricts the ability of owners to sell shares for a profit, and does not pay dividends. In return, fans receive a stable franchise that cannot be moved away from the smallest market in professional sports.

Paul recently wrote about this in more detail at APC here, and he’s been a frequent voice on this topic over the years. You can watch the entire segment, including a cameo from APC’s own Matub, here.