QB's may be Hall of Famers but they are miserable Human Beings

As a life long Packer fan I have rejoiced at the Hall of Fame caliber playing of Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers. They should rightfully be celebrated for their glorious football careers. They may be Hall of Fame QB's but as human beings they are miserable failures.

Most recently Brett Favre took over a million dollars from his home state of Mississippi for services he did not perform, and only after the State came after him for his failure to perform those services did he return the money. He obviously earned interest while he held the money, and is still in a dispute over returning any interest he received while he unlawfully held the money.

Currently Aaron Rodger has managed to destroy his post football career by his constant lying and misrepresentation of his Covid Vaccine status. No chance he ever becomes a Jeopardy host, or a tv commentator. He had a chance to be the focal point of a legitimate discussion regarding the vaccine, but his continual lies and misrepresentations make him more like Trump than the intelligent and thoughtful human being that I thought he was.

Favre and Rodger continue to compete as to which one was the best Packer QB, and which one is the worse human being.

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