5 questionable roster spots in 2022

Let's start with the obvious, A-Rodge!!! 46 million cap hit 26 million dead cap... Let's face it, that ain't go na happen!!! I belive he will consider staying if we win the SB this year!!! The next 2 are coming off of injury... Za Smith cap hit of 28 million (12.4 dead cap) and Bakhitari cap hit 22.7 million (39 million dead cap) !!! I think we're "stuck" with Bak... I hope he considers a restructure if he struggles this year... Za Smith should be a little easier to trade. P Smith cap hit 19.750 million 7.250 dead cap. R cobb 9.6 million cap hit 2.8 dead.

Sinario 1) If A-Rodge comes back, the other players consider contract restructures.

Sinario 2) No restructures and Aaron decides to stay another year.. Bak sits on his new contract, and Z Smith is average for the rest of the year, then we trade Smith for salary cap relief and draft a LB/EDGE 1st round!!!

Sinario 3) We trade Aaron and it frees up enough money to sign the '22 draft picks. If it is Aaron's final year in GB, that then questions Adams if he will stick around (and also Cobb)!!!

Again, if Aaron stays, other players need to restructure if he won't. If Aaron leaves/gets traded, then either Adams or cobb goes with him, and find future starters for when the upcoming free agents leave!!!

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