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Victory Monday Cheese Curds: The Packers, not just Aaron Rodgers, still own the Bears

Can one city claim ownership of another, larger city? Asking for a state of Wisconsin.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

After last night’s 45-30 win over the Chicago Bears, Aaron Rodgers’ ownership stake in Green Bay’s arch rival might need to be upgraded to a majority share.

That’s because the Packers might also have plenty of Bears minority owners on their roster as well.

After a sluggish start to the game, Green Bay did what Green Bay usually does against the Bears and let their playmakers take over. Even as more injuries occurred (Billy Turner is the latest to join the Packers’ infirmary), the best players continued to make great plays and it’s tough to beat a team when that consistently happens.

Rodgers threw four touchdown passes to further cement his ownership claim while Aaron Jones had two touchdowns including a spectacular catch that started to pull the Packers away from the Bears in the second half.

Meanwhile Davante Adams caught two touchdowns and racked up another 100-plus yard game in a rather quiet manner. How good are you when you have a game like that and it’s considered quiet? Once again, Adams is a top two receiver in the NFL and he isn’t second.

Defensively, it was Preston Smith and Rasul Douglas who again stepped up to plate. Smith has enjoyed a resurgence this season after a rough 2020 as he racked up two more sacks against the Bears and triggered a $500,000 bonus for recording his sixth of this season.

Douglas had his second pick-six in as many games and came very close to a third. The practice squad sensation was at it again, making all of us continue to wonder what Arizona was thinking in putting this guy on the practice squad.

With Christmas coming, here’s hoping general manager Brian Gutekunst sends the Bidwell family a nice fruit basket.

To conclude, the Packers once again proved that old but simple adage true: when your playmakers make plays, you’re very tough to beat.

Packers keep overcoming obstacles thanks to their playmakers— (subscription)

It’s never easy to overcome injuries but the Packers have continued to routinely do so . Same for slow starts, as the Packers experienced again yesterday. If you get the ball in the hands of your best players, you can overcome anything.

Preston Smith’s words lead Packers’ defensive rebound—

The Green Bay defense was having an uncharacteristically bad night in the first half before Preston Smith channeled his inner Charles Woodson and used his words to fire up his teammates. The results? Chicago only mustered two field goals in the second half while the defense locked down.

Reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is heating up to finish 2021—Packers Wire

The good news: Rodgers has been heating up over the past few games and is starting to build a solid case for a fourth MVP award.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says fractured toe ‘feels worse’ after record-setting win vs. Bears—ESPN

The bad news: the toe has gotten worse and surgery might be a little more likely now pending further evaluation today.

Delaware replaces highway sign that misspelled state’s name—UPI

Nice sign, but who lives in Delware? Great googily moogily. Hopefully whomever made that first sign had a Snickers.