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Tuesday Cheese Curds: "All hands on deck" to try and save the Packers' Titanic special teams failures

At this point, whatever the Packers try will be like trying to plug a big hole with masking tape

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

While basking in the glow of a win over a hated division rival is always fun, it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Oh, those Green Bay Packers special teams.

After a performance that was nothing short or historically bad, there was as much hand wringing over the special teams as there was celebrating a double-digit win the day after the game. The fact Green Bay won that game, let alone by as much as they did, after that kind of performance speaks to how well the offense and defense played.

There’s no need to recap all the railings Green Bay had on kick and punt coverage Sunday as we don’t like to make our readers sick so let’s see how the Packers can go about fixing this mess (if they even can at this stage).

The popular option among fans is to immediately fire coordinator Maurice Drayton, but head coach Matt LaFleur dismissed any notion of this happening. Firing Drayton now eally wouldn’t fix anything immediately and would be more an accountability move. Not to mention someone on staff would just get promoted which was probably what caused the issues in the first place when Drayton was promoted this year.

The second option was suggested by LaFleur and that was putting some starters in on special teams plays, calling it an “all hands on deck” approach. This is probably the only way to go right now, but that means exposing starters to potential injury and given the luck the Packers have had in that area that could be problematic.

Regardless, whatever the Packers do at this point is basically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Special teams is the 2021 team’s albatross and at this point, the Packers need to pray they don’t cost them a playoff game.

So pour yourself a large cup of coffee and dig into a very special teams heavy edition of cheese curds.

Packers planning ‘all hands on deck’ approach to improving on special teams—

The good news here is the Packers know they have a big problem and are willing to take big swings (aka putting starters on kickoff coverage) to do them. The problem is it is probably too late barring someone being a revelation at returner.

Personnel changes could be coming for Packers’ special teams—

If we could make one suggestion of a personnel change: get Amari Rodgers off of punt returns. You’re playing with dynamite back there and he’s going to hurt you in the playoffs if something doesn’t change.

It’s Time for the Green Bay Packers to Bring Back Tyler Ervin—Dairyland Express

So here is Rodgers’ replacement. He’s available, he’s played in Green Bay before. Someone get Gutey to the roof of Lambeau and light the Swerve Signal.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh says he’s planning on Lamar Jackson at QB against Green Bay Packers on Sunday—ESPN

Meanwhile, looking ahead to this week’s opponent, Lamar Jackson’s health bears monitoring. John Harbaugh says they expect Jackson to go but he’s really day-to-day with an ankle sprain.

Sex Toy Sponsorship Was Too Racy For Curling Crowd: Promoter—Huffington Post

Not sure what intern thought this was a good idea but might I suggest a different career path?