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UnPack Pod: Aaron Rodgers’ case for MVP heating up

Aaron Rodgers’ hot streak continued on Sunday with a stellar performance against the Bears.

It’s a rare solo edition of the UnPack Pod, or as I’m calling it this week: “man drinks wine in an empty room and talks to nobody about football. Nevertheless, we soldier on.

The Packers’ carved another notch in the win column this past Sunday, pulling away from the Chicago Bears to win 45-30. Some key takeaways and other musings we cover on this episode include:

-Aaron Rodgers’ bid for another MVP title is heating up. In his last three games he’s amassed 1,033 passing yards, 10 touchdown passes, and 0 interceptions – with a passer rating of 126.5

-The Packers continue their ball hogging ways and now rank 2nd in the league in average time of possession. Who’s first? Why it’s this week’s opponent, the Baltimore Ravens. Plot twist!

-Matt LaFleur’s Packers did pull away from the Bears in the second half, but the first half was enough evidence to make this official observation: LaFleur’s teams are not crips coming off a bye week. Take that for what it’s worth.

-Will the Packers do anything this week to address special teams? Fire Drayton? Hire Ervin? Probably not, but a guy can dream.