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UnPack Pod: A PSA to Packer fans to just enjoy the football

A message to pessimistic Packer fans: stop doing that.

The Packers are division champs. They’ve swept not one but two divisions and are currently in the driver’s seat for the top slot in the NFC playoff race. They are 12-3. by all counts, they’re a good, battle-tested team that has a very reasonable shot at making a run for the Lombardi. And yet, sniff around on Twitter and other social media chatterspheres and you’d think the team is predestined to lose. The playoffs are still weeks aways and pessimists are already coming out of the woodwork to declare which flawed Packers team of years past best compares with this unit. On some level, it’s understandable. One wants to protect themselves from getting too attached to a team that is relatively likely to break their heart at some point. But in the spirit of the “hard pills to swallow” meme, here’s a newsflash: that’s most of what being a sports fan is. So just enjoy the good football while it’s good. Because odds are it won’t be good for that long.

That’s the main message of today’s pod, which features our own Justis Mosqueda, who also helps us look ahead to next week’s game against the Vikings, and who might actually suit up for this Covid-ravaged team.

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