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New Year’s Eve Cheese Curds: Kirk Cousins tests positive for COVID before Packers game

The Vikings lost their loudly anti-vaccination QB to COVID just over 48 hours before their last chance to save their season.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

At this point, the Minnesota Vikings’ season effectively comes down to Sunday night’s game against the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for them, they just lost one of their most important players to a positive COVID-19 test, and it is the one that many Vikings fans have been holding their breath for all season long.

The team just got back one unvaccinated star player this week as Dalvin Cook returned from the virus list in time for this week’s game. But on Friday morning, quarterback Kirk Cousins finally, and predictably, tested positive:

We hope Cousins comes through COVID okay, though of course statistics clearly show that he has a much more significant chance of serious complications than he would have if he were vaccinated.

That throws a wrench into the Vikings’ game planning, as their replacement — likely to be Sean Mannion, if he returns from the COVID-19 list, or else Kellen Mond — will get maybe one day’s worth of practice with the starters. For the Packers, this means that the team should be able to focus even more heavily on bolstering their run defense with the Vikings likely to ride Cook as much as possible.

Here’s a look at the other goings-on around Green Bay in this final edition of Curds for 2021.

Lambeau Field ready for Sunday night's Packers-Vikings game |
Although Cousins won't be ready for the game, Lambeau is. The Vikings also returned a portion of their visiting team tickets for the game, so there might be a few extra seats available.

Randall Cobb returns from Packers injured reserve; David Moore added |
Cobb's return to practice so quickly is, frankly, shocking, especially given that his wife posted the details of his injury -- three torn adductor muscles and a torn rectus abdominus.

Quarantines, spacing and Zoom - How NFL teams are trying to protect QBs from COVID-19 | ESPN
ESPN published this article at 6 PM Eastern last night, just incredible timing given Cousins' positive test this morning.

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After being made entirely irrelevant over the last two decades, RadioShack is jumping on the crypto bandwagon with everything it has left (which probably isn't a lot). What's the over/under on how long before they file for bankruptcy once again?