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NFC North Rundown: Lions’ first win might have ended Vikings’ playoff chances

Detroit’s walk-off win ensured that the Lions will not finish the season winless, but it also made Minnesota’s path to the postseason much trickier.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

They say that all good things must come to an end. Perhaps the same can be said for all bad things.

In the case of the Detroit Lions, it is the latter case after the team ended its awful victory drought in Dan Campbell’s first season as head coach. With its last-second win, Detroit gains a little bit of confidence and gets the proverbial monkey off its back heading into the remainder of the season. For the Minnesota Vikings, the victims of Detroit’s monumental win, confidence in the path of its season and future of its head coach is wavering.

Today’s musings explore the polar opposite reactions to Sunday’s game in Minnesota and Detroit, while discussing what is to gain for Chicago in the final weeks of the season as the Bears prepare to head to Green Bay.

Chicago Bears (4-8)

Lost 33-22 vs. Arizona; Next at Green Bay

Game Recap: Bears fall to 4-8 with loss to Cardinals

Turnovers, early and often, led to extremely tilted field position for Arizona on Sunday.

Kyler Murray shows Bears what they need to do

The efficiency of the Cardinals’ quarterback was a model for what Chicago must do in training Justin Fields.

Finding Focus for the Finish

Not mathematically eliminated but on the outside looking in, some Bears players like David Montgomery still find plenty of reasons to keep “churning.”

Detroit Lions (1-10-1)

Won 29-27 vs. Minnesota; Next at Denver

Recap: Lions beat Vikings, 29-27, on walkoff TD as time expires

With a brilliant final possession, the Lions guaranteed a non-winless season.

Lions’ sagging attendance at Ford Field drops them near NFL bottom

How does losing affect fan support? Amid another disappointing season, Detroit ranks 31st in home attendance.

Detroit Lions’ Dan Campbell wants a re-do on pivotal fourth-down play vs. Vikings

The joy of the Lions’ first win overshadows a turnover-on-downs sequence that almost cost them their first victory of the season.

Minnesota Vikings (5-7)

Lost 29-27 at Detroit; Next vs. Pittsburgh

Detroit Lions 29, Minnesota Vikings 27: Fire everybody

“There’s nothing left to say. The competitive portion of the season is over and this team deserves for it to be.”

Mike Zimmer’s underachieving defense may have sealed his fate in Minnesota

The Vikings’ “off-and-soft” defense allowed another game-defining score, marking the fourth time that the team has lost on a final drive this season.

Adam Thielen suffers high ankle sprain against Lions

Anyone who has Thielen on their fantasy football team would be wise to look at other receiving options ahead of Thursday’s game.