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Five free agents who could improve their fantasy stock with the Packers

The Packers have an offense that any good free agent would want to partake in. We take a look at who can help this offense evolve and improve their fantasy stock in the process.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The calls for the Green Bay Packers to add another pass-catching weapon were deafening last year, but in 2021 those calls may be more justified. The #1 ranked offense in total DVOA last season performed historically well by building on what was already in-house and further integrating Matt LaFleur’s offense.

But running the same thing out next year could be fatal to the team’s success. Opponents are already grinding tape on what the Packers offense did last season, either looking for ways to stop it or looking for what they can steal from it.

To make another run at the playoffs and maybe even sniff a Super Bowl again, the Packers should be adding a pass catcher that can help evolve this offense and continue NFC North supremacy.

I decided to take a look at which weapon the Packers could add that would help their offensive output and, in turn, see that player turn out a great fantasy season for you next year. Some may price themselves out of the Packers’ range, but others could find their way to Green Bay and be good options for the next fantasy season.

Allen Robinson

Robinson has been on Packers fans’ wish lists for a couple years now. The talented pro from Penn State has always been a solid fantasy option, but having never truly played with an elite QB, one has to wonder what kind of numbers he could put up with one.

For fantasy purposes, being the #2 WR on the offense doesn’t sound great on paper, but even being the second best wideout on an offense that was truly rolling last regular season would be a boost up from Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky airmailing the football. He also wouldn’t get the shadow of an opposing team’s elite CB following him and it could even free up Adams in that defenses would likely have to pick their poison. As the WR9 in PPR last season, Robinson would still be able to stay in that ballpark with the 2020 MVP throwing him the ball.

Robinson is only 27 years old and will be a free agent for a second time, so money might not be the absolute most important thing in determining where he plays next. Bringing in a player like him with elite hands and who can run routes at every level of the field would be a true fantasy win.

Kenny Golladay

Much like Robinson, Golladay would be a boon for the Packers if they could reasonably afford him. Golladay has played all four years of his career in Detroit, though, so he might want to get paid as much as he wants to win. And he should get paid – secure that bag, Kenny G – but if he wants to win now and maybe stick it to Detroit for the dysfunction they’ve made their players endure, then Green Bay would be an obvious choice.

He could sign a short deal, boost his stats, and have a chance to become a free agent again at 30. Golladay would be an elite deep threat for the Packers who would add to the team’s already pretty large group of pass catchers.

Curtis Samuel

Another WR on the list, but this player comes in a much different form than the former two. Samuel is more of a gadget player that this offense could use to further evolve the LaFleur offense. Utilizing Samuel in jet sweeps, putting him in the slot, and handing the ball off to him on some fun plays deep in the LaFleur bag would be interesting for his fantasy value.

Samuel would also be on the cheaper side compared to the other two star wideouts on this list. It shouldn’t be too hard to find targets for him in the offense since his career high for targets is only 77 – just last year – and anything above that may make him happy.

Per PFF, Samuel’s average depth of target (aDOT) dipped dramatically from 2019 to 2020 (15.1 aDOT in 2019 to 6.2 through Week 12 last year), but Teddy Bridgewater isn’t exactly famous for dropping dimes 45 yards down field. His versatility still makes him a valuable fantasy asset.

Chris Carson

Okay, hear me out. From a real football perspective, if Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams both find their way to new teams next season, it’s probably smarter to run out A.J. Dillon and figure out the rest through the draft. But from a fantasy perspective, Carson could be a nice asset along with Dillon to provide a one-two punch that would be much more potent than what he’s experienced in Seattle.

The blemish on Carson’s stat line is the number of games he’s been able to play and start. None of his four seasons have ended with a “16” in either of those boxes. Hopefully, playing behind an offensive line that should have no fewer than two stars on it next year will keep him healthier. Seattle has always been determined to run their backs into the back of a below average offensive line, so a better one in front of Carson instantly improves his fantasy stock.

Carson likely won’t break the bank and will probably be cheaper to bring in than retaining Jones, who rightfully has earned a good contract with his play the past two seasons. Carson has been a consistently productive fantasy back and has improved in terms of being a pass catcher.

Mike Davis

Another contingency plan would be to bring in a solid backup player who has proved that he can take on a heavy workload if need be. When Christian McCaffrey went down with injuries this past season, Davis was producing like an RB1, displaying the running and pass catching prowess that made me wonder if a little regret crept over Carolina’s front office after paying CMC so much.

He’d be a nice compliment to Dillon if the second-year back is the only one left from the 53. Additionally, he’d come at a discount and the Packers may choose bargains over top brand names this offseason.

Davis finished as RB12 in PPR last year, which shows his potential, and being in an equal opportunity rushing attack in Green Bay would be good for his value.