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Thursday Cheese Curds: Joe Barry’s adaptability will be crucial to his success in Green Bay

He won’t have Aaron Donald but Jaire Alexander, Za’Darius Smith and possibly JJ Watt aren’t bad pieces to build around

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Fans were left scratching their heads when the Green Bay Packers hired Joe Barry as their new defensive coordinator, but it became clear Matt LaFleur wanted to mold the defense around the system Vic Fangio ran in both Chicago and San Francisco.

Now it is up to Barry to find a way to do so with the Packers’ personnel.

However he should not find himself so deep in the system that he cannot adapt. A good coach fits his scheme to the players, not the other way around. That is what ultimately doomed Dom Capers as defensive coordinator and Barry of course would be wise to avoid making the same mistakes.

He inherits a talented secondary featuring shutdown corner Jaire Alexander and a pass rush spearheaded by Za’Darius Smith. These parts of the defense need minimal changes instead of a total overhaul. Barry should be able to provide that.

Meanwhile, the words most often to describe Barry by those who have played for him include passion, energy, and enthusiasm. If anyone was concerned about the lack of fire on defense for Green Bay, that apparently won’t be a problem under Barry.

Ultimately no one knows how Barry will work out but Packers fans should utilize an open mind as they continue to process this hire.

The talent is there for the most part. The defense just needs a good strategist and time will telll how Barry will perform in that role.

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