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NFL Pro Day Schedule: With no Combine in 2021, college workouts take center stage

In a reversal from of 2020, college programs will hold Pro Days this spring with no full Combine taking place.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Pro Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In 2020, the NFL still held its annual Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. That event took place a few weeks before the spread of COVID-19 truly took hold around the United States, fundamentally changing society as a whole, and football along with it.

The timing of the onset of the pandemic led most college football programs to cancel their annual Pro Days, where NFL prospects would normally have an opportunity to work out in front of and talk with scouts from teams around the league. But 2021 is effectively going to be the opposite — there is no Combine this year, but colleges are holding Pro Days.

The NFL will still conduct medical examinations for many college players, while the team interview processes that typically take place in Indy are being replaced with online videoconferences. Still, the workouts are critical for teams’ evaluation of players’ athletic abilities, and most college programs are expected to make their Pro Day workouts available to scouts (at the very least) to watch remotely.

Hopefully schools publish these videos and workout results publicly for NFL fans to analyze and absorb. Time will tell, but we will get our first taste of the COVID-altered Pro Day process on March 5th, when the University of Kansas kicks off a month-long process.

Here is the full schedule of Pro Days for 2021, which was distributed to media members on Wednesday.

2021 Pro Day Schedule

College Date
College Date
Kansas 3/5/2021
Kansas State 3/9/2021
Northwestern 3/9/2021
Wisconsin-Whitewater 3/9/2021
Arkansas 3/10/2021
Marshall 3/10/2021
Maryland 3/10/2021
Wisconsin 3/10/2021
Clemson 3/11/2021
Nevada 3/11/2021
Texas 3/11/2021
Arkansas State 3/12/2021
North Dakota State 3/12/2021
Oklahoma 3/12/2021
Army 3/15/2021
Kent State 3/15/2021
Middle Tennessee State 3/15/2021
Vanderbilt 3/15/2021
Georgia Tech 3/16/2021
Temple 3/16/2021
Arizona 3/17/2021
Georgia 3/17/2021
Illinois 3/17/2021
Pittsburgh 3/17/2021
San Jose State 3/17/2021
Auburn 3/18/2021
Buffalo 3/18/2021
Central Arkansas 3/18/2021
Louisiana Tech 3/18/2021
Louisiana-Monroe 3/18/2021
Stanford 3/18/2021
Troy 3/18/2021
West Virginia 3/18/2021
Memphis 3/19/2021
Ohio 3/19/2021
TCU 3/19/2021
Air Force 3/22/2021
Bowling Green 3/22/2021
Colorado 3/22/2021
Colorado State 3/22/2021
Florida State 3/22/2021
Iowa 3/22/2021
Missouri 3/22/2021
Toledo 3/22/2021
Alabama 3/23/2021
Central Michigan 3/23/2021
Iowa State 3/23/2021
Nebraska 3/23/2021
Purdue 3/23/2021
Michigan State 3/24/2021
Mississippi State 3/24/2021
South Carolina 3/24/2021
Southern California 3/24/2021
Virginia 3/24/2021
Georgia Southern 3/25/2021
Massachusetts 3/25/2021
Mississippi 3/25/2021
North Texas 3/25/2021
Penn State 3/25/2021
San Diego State 3/25/2021
Southern Methodist 3/25/2021
Tennessee 3/25/2021
Western Michigan 3/25/2021
Boston College 3/26/2021
Brigham Young 3/26/2021
Michigan 3/26/2021
South Dakota State 3/26/2021
Virginia Tech 3/26/2021
Arizona State 3/29/2021
Duke 3/29/2021
Louisiana-Lafayette 3/29/2021
Miami University 3/29/2021
University of Miami 3/29/2021
North Carolina 3/29/2021
Alabama 3/30/2021
East Carolina 3/30/2021
Florida Atlantic 3/30/2021
Louisville 3/30/2021
North Carolina State 3/30/2021
Ohio State 3/30/2021
Texas A&M 3/30/2021
Tulane 3/30/2021
Washington 3/30/2021
Boise State 3/31/2021
Florida 3/31/2021
Kentucky 3/31/2021
LSU 3/31/2021
Notre Dame 3/31/2021
Wake Forest 3/31/2021
Central Florida 4/1/2021
Minnesota 4/1/2021
North Carolina & Charlotte 4/1/2021
Oklahoma State 4/1/2021
Oregon State 4/1/2021
South Florida 4/1/2021
Western Kentucky 4/1/2021
Oregon 4/2/2021
Tulsa 4/2/2021
Texas Tech 4/7/2021
Alabama-Birmingham 4/9/2021
Ball State 4/9/2021
Houston 4/9/2021