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APC Super Sunday Food Bracket: The Finals are here!

The top two seeds are ready for battle.

Day 3 is here! We’ve made it to the Finals after a long, hard-fought tournament. The top seeds, Wings and Pizza, resisted strong efforts in the semi-final round from Nachos and Chips & Dip respectively to make it to the championship. Wings faced a strong challenge but ultimately were too big to fail. It may be boring, but the top dogs are here for a reason. We’re in for a helluva title game, folks.

Hopefully, these two sides are taking proper quarantine precautions and we don’t see any funny business before the game. Wings will get home-field advantage in this one as the 1 seed of the bracket. In the semi-finals, they defeated Nachos with 54% of the vote. This was a much closer vote than I expected! Although nachos may have lost, it was quite a run for the messy, cheesy piles of food we all love.

On the other side of the bracket, Pizza defeated Chips & Dip with 62% of the vote. The blowout of the semi-final round, chips & dip got beat up pretty bad. The popularity of buffalo chicken dip was simply not enough to carry them past the juggernaut that is Pizza. Now, we’re on to the final matchup preview: Wings vs. Pizza. The centuries-old debate will be settled today. Wars have been fought, societies destroyed, over this all-important question. Here we go!

1. Wings vs. 2. Pizza

What else can be said about these two forces of nature? They can take out a group of unsuspecting football fans in mere minutes. Insane amounts of calories, a glorious amount of fat; this is a dream matchup. They are so intrinsically tied together that this feels like destiny. Without this matchup, I’d feel like a fraud making this bracket. Whether you order wings with your pizza or pizza with your wings, it’s hard to deny that these two perfectly complement each other. There’s a reason why every bar and grill serves it as a staple! I think wings have enough in the tank to pull this one out, but we’re all just hoping for a clean, competitive game. Let’s vote!


Wings vs. Pizza

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  • 48%
    (71 votes)
  • 51%
    (74 votes)
145 votes total Vote Now

Well, folks, that’s the last matchup preview! It’s been an honor to bring the world’s most important bracket to all of you this weekend and I can’t wait to see how the final votes turn out. Voting will be open for the next 24 hours so be sure to vote by game time tomorrow. Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter @acmepackingco and Facebook @acmepackingcompany for all your latest Packers news and updates.