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Thursday Cheese Curds: 3 compensatory picks do little to lessen sting of Packers’ upcoming cap decisions

Getting three additional picks in the draft is nice in terms of adding some developmental talent, but they won’t soften the blow from the pending roster cuts.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

After a run of bad news regarding the salary cap, the Green Bay Packers finally got a boost in terms of their plan of attack this offseason.

On Wednesday the Packers were awarded three compensatory picks in April’s NFL Draft based on free agent losses. They already had a pick in each of the seven rounds but the compensatory picks added an extra selection to rounds four, five and six.

With that done, the work to get the team under the $182.5 million salary cap begins and the Packers now have just under a week to get it done before the new league year starts on March 17.

Fans should expect a flurry of roster cuts, contract restructures/extensions (including one possibly for quarterback Aaron Rodgers) and other various modes of financial gymnastics to get the Packers below the number needed to add their future draft picks and maybe a free agent or two.

The decisions are going to be painful but thanks to the lost revenue the NFL experienced during a season played in a pandemic, this is the unfortunate reality of the business. On the positive side, free agents will likely be settling more team friendly deals than in a normal year due to the reduced cap.

Brace yourselves. You’re probably going to see names being released that you will miss dearly. The business of the NFL cares not for your feelings.

Packers pick up three additional draft choices, still have salary-cap work to do— (subscription)

Three more picks help ever so slightly but they won’t make the pending roster cuts any easier to stomach. Thankfully the Packers can cut enough without having to totally gut key positions like some teams will have to.

Za’Darius Smith: ‘I want to be a Packer for life’—Packers Wire

Za’Darius Smith has been mentioned as one of those names that could be in line for a restructure shaped like an extension. His tweet yesterday seems to indicate such discussions with the team are taking place.

Challenge for Packers’ offense in 2021: ‘Do it again’—

The Packers had a historically great offense in 2020 and while there may be some new pieces in place, the challenge is back it up with even more production in 2021.

Why Packers believe special teams will be different under new coach—ESPN

Some fans groaned when Green Bay promoted from within when they named Maurice Drayton special teams coordinator but he wants to make one thing clear: he is the anti-Mennenga.

Driver pulled over in Wisconsin was using a camping chair—UPI

Those chairs are great for tailgating at the stadium, not so much for tailgating on the road (don’t do that by the way).