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Thursday Cheese Curds: Play it again, Brian Gutekunst

The 2021 Packers will look very similar to the 2020 team. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

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With this week’s re-signings of Kevin King and Marcedes Lewis, it’s official.

The 2021 Green Bay Packers will basically be an encore performance of the 2020 team.

While this might drive some fans into a white hot frenzy, it makes a lot of sense. Last year’s group was oh-so-close to a Super Bowl and general manager Brian Gutekunst is clearly content with making a second run with that team rather than swing for the fences and risk striking out.

That approach hasn’t sat well with many fans and members of the media but with a reduced salary cap, this might be the smartest move.

Many will point to Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay’s flurry of veteran additions last year but in reality the Packers didn’t have much of a talent gap last year between them and the Buccaneers. A few more breaks going their way plus some smarter coaching decisions (one deep on a Hail Mary? Really, Mike Pettine?) and Green Bay could (should?) have won that game.

The Packers of course could add more help as free agency goes on. For example, Richard Sherman could be a decent stopgap at cornerback even if he isn’t what he was.

There’s also the draft in April. Those grinding their teeth over King coming back (myself included) should realize he very well could find himself on the bench if/when the Packers select a cornerback.

As frustrating as it has been, Gutekunst knows what he is doing. Back-to-back NFC Championship appearances don’t happen through pure luck.

If it’s good enough for Gutey, then it’s Gute enough for the rest of us.

Green Bay Packers are running it back in 2021–Packers Wire

While loading up for potentially one more run with Aaron Rodgers might make a great story, it was always going to be difficult for the Packers to pull off such a feat. Especially considering they have yet, as far as we know, to touch Rodgers’ contract which would give them the most flexibility to sign more talent. Running it back always made the most sense financially and perhaps even from a football standpoint.

Top 101 NFL free agents of 2021: Richard Sherman among best players available—

Don’t dismiss Sherman because of his age. He doesn’t need to be the superstar with Jaire Alexander across from him. Not to mention the potential Charles Woodson-like impact he could have on the locker room even with Za’Darius Smith around.

The Green Bay Packers are one of three teams in the running to host the NFL draft. They could get an answer in May— (subscription)

Green Bay, Detroit, and Washington D.C. are the three finalists for the 2024 draft. I mean, there’s no contest here right?

Packers, Brown County to raise $1M for youth scholarships—

The Packers continue to do good work in the local community.

A Piece Of Wright Brothers’ First Airplane Is Now On Mars—Huffington Post

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in 120 years.