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Friday Cheese Curds: Let the bargain hunting begin for the Packers

A tenuous salary cap situation always meant the Packers would have to shop the clearance rack. That sale is about to start.

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While the Green Bay Packers technically signed a street free agent (long snappers for the win), there definitely is a desire among many to see them a little more active.

With the bargain bin part of free agency approaching (if it hasn’t already started), that finally may become reality.

Plenty of options remain at decent prices for the Packers to add, should they want to wade into that pool. While it appears general manager Brian Gutekunst is content for the most part running it back with last year’s NFC runner-up squad pretty much intact, he would be foolish to not at least consider a few players still out there.

For example, cornerback remains a need even with Kevin King back in the fold. The position could very well be addressed in next month’s draft but adding someone like Richard Sherman has obvious benefits. He isn’t what he once was (he’s still decent though) and Packers fans might not like him thanks to his time in Seattle but he could provide a year of steady play next to Jaire Alexander while a rookie develops.

On the offensive side of the ball, could the Packers bring in receiver Sammy Watkins on a one-year deal? It would be a no-brainer in some ways as it would get Aaron Rodgers another weapon that he’s been craving and could allow Watkins to increase his value potentially in a big way before hitting the market again next year.

These are just two possible or possibly crazy scenarios but the Packers can now almost get decent players at prices they can afford.

Don’t touch that dial. This is when the fun could actually start for Packers fans.

Interesting free agent fits and possibilities left for Packers—Packers Wire

Packers fans are in their annual cycle of consternation about the team’s moves (or lack thereof) in free agency but there are plenty of solid options still available at decent prices.

Quick fixes still beckoning for Packers on free-agent market— (subscription)

Worth revisiting this list again as Gutekunst begins to scour the bargain bin for a player or two that potentially could push the Packers over the top.

NFL free agency winners are teams that take care of their own—

A great reminder here for any anxious Packers fans. The team traditionally has taken care of its own for almost two decades now. That’s why the Packers are one of the most stable franchises in the NFL.

Yes, Packers sold shares of stock from 1950 drive in 1959—

Cliff Christl’s inbox sessions on the team website will always teach you a thing or two about the Packers’ long history and are always worth checking out.

Cats recognise their owner’s voice but don’t care enough to respond, scientists confirm—Daily Mirror

Look I totally respect science and scientists but I don’t think a study was warranted here. Every cat owner in America can tell you this is true.