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NFL plans to increase international games, per report

More teams could be making more regular trips to London and Mexico City.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo Kena Krutsinger /Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers may finally be making an overseas trip thanks to the NFL’s plans for a 17th game on the regular season schedule. According to a report from the Sports Business Journal, the NFL plans to force every team to play a “home” game overseas at least once every eight years.

That means the Packers may finally be heading to London, giving a sizeable contingent of Packers fans a chance to see their favorite team in person without crossing an ocean.

The Packers are currently the only NFL team that has not played a regular-season game in another country, though they’ve played several preseason games internationally. Most recently, the Packers played a farcical game on a shortened, damaged field in Winnipeg, falling to the Raiders 22-21 in 2019. The Packers also played preseason games in Tokyo in 1998 and in Toronto in 1997.

However, should this proposal become reality, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that the Packers would be headed to London, though that seems the most likely. The NFL is also committed to playing games in Mexico City, and it’s possible the Packers could head there instead. However, given that they’re the only team who hasn’t made a trip to London, it’s probable that’s where the Packers will end up first, if only for their turn as the “home” team.