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Monday Cheese Curds: The Packers can get better without outside help

Keeping the core of the 2020 team intact plus improvement from recent draft classes could push Green Bay over the top

Syndication: PackersNews Mike De Sisti / The Milwaukee Jo via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It’s an off-season refrain we have heard all too often from fans of the Green Bay Packers.

“They aren’t doing enough in free agency!”

Even with a team who is coming a second consecutive NFC Championship appearance, a game in which the Packers came much much closer to winning that the one prior, some seem to think the team needs to go on a spending spree.

That argument is, to be frank, hogwash.

Some players of course got huge paydays but those are from teams that aren’t exactly good. With the reduced salary cap this year, many teams opted to basically stand pat.

That said, let’s forget about what other teams did. The Packers did not and do not need to make flashy free agency moves to get better. Would some signings help? Of course, but Green Bay is still walking a financial tightrope. They can’t afford to roll the dice much if at all.

Remember, the Packers have won 28 games in two seasons and came within a game of the Super Bowl both times. You’d be crazy to break that group up when you have every chance to keep it together.

Fan frustration at falling short is understandable but keeping players on that 28-win team is usually better than taking on players other teams didn’t want.

After Green Bay lost to Tampa Bay in January, many assumed the 2021 Packers would look much different thanks to coming cap casualties.

Aside from losing Corey Linsley and Jamaal Williams, this year’s version is looking awfully like last year’s.

That should be a team any fan would want to roll with, despite coming up short a year ago.

Why Packers don’t need to make a free-agency splash to get better— (subscription)

Fans wanted to see the Packers make at least some moves to add outside help, but keeping the team intact was always going to be the easiest way. Not to mention the potential the 2019 and 2020 draft classes have shown (don’t let Jordan Love distract you).

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