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Cheese Curds, 4/12: Brainstorming Packers’ possible paths through the NFL Draft

There are numerous pathways to filling critical needs when looking at the Packers’ roster. As always, it all depends on the board when they make their first pick.

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Cornerback? Offensive tackle? Even a wide receiver?

The Green Bay Packers’ path through the 2021 NFL Draft is no clearer now than it was a few months ago, though readers of Acme Packing Company will remember discussions about general manager Brian Gutekunst attending the Pro Days of nearly all of the top cornerbacks in this draft class. But there’s no guarantee that any of those players will be available when the Packers’ first pick comes up on the clock at 29.

Will Gutekunst be aggressive again and move up for one of his guys? He has traded up in every first round he has managed so far, so why not again? If not, however, the way the board falls will surely dictate where the team goes with that first pick, which in turn will likely dictate what areas the team looks on day two.

In today’s Cheese Curds, we find one examination of how the Packers could fill three specific needs in their first three picks, as well as some potential third-day picks who should interest the team. Additionally, there’s good news on the medicals for one particular cornerback prospect who would surely be on the Packers’ radar in round one, but that news could drive his stock up out of Green Bay’s range.

That and more in this morning’s curds.

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Caleb Farley: 'NFL doctors confirmed I would be ready for the season' after medical checkup |
One of the corners who could be available at 29 is Farley, who is coming off some recent back surgery. However, he says that the NFL's doctors checked him out in Indianapolis (in lieu of the Combine medical exams) and they evidently think he will be good to go and there are no chronic issues to worry about. If that's the case, Farley might come off the board much earlier than 29.

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