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Cheese Curds, 4/5: Aaron Rodgers’ run as Jeopardy! host begins tonight

Tune in over the next two weeks as Rodgers gets to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams.

NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

For years, Aaron Rodgers has quizzed his backups, his offensive linemen, and his receivers. The trivia games he has played with Green Bay Packers teammates are the subject of many articles over the years, but now Rodgers gets to take that quizmaster role and elevate it to its ultimate form.

Tonight, Jeopardy! begins a two-week run of episodes with Rodgers as the show’s guest host. Rodgers, a former Celebrity Jeopardy! champion, joins the likes of Ken Jennings, Katie Couric, and others who have taken turns filling in for the late Alex Trebek. Rodgers’ episodes were recorded over a two-day span in February, but now trivia and Packers fans alike finally get to see how he does.

As is the case with his approach to football, Rodgers studied hard for this job, impressing the staffers and producers on the show with his film grinding. As an added bonus, the show is donating to Rodgers’ chosen charity in a great move.

So while we still have another three-plus weeks to wait for the 2021 NFL Draft, at least there will be another chance to see Rodgers on your television between now and then. Click here to see what station carries the show in your area and when it airs.

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Make sure to tune in over the coming days, as Rodgers' two-week run as the show's guest host begins tonight. Here he details his preparation for the role, which of course he performed after the Packers’ season concluded. Additionally, Monday’s episode in particular may have a viral moment in Final Jeopardy!

Aaron Rodgers as 'Jeopardy!' host: 5 things to know | Green Bay Press-Gazette
As part of Rodgers' guest-hosting opportunity, the show will match the winning contestants' totals with a donation to the charity of Rodgers' choice, which will be the North Valley Community Foundation, helping businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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