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Brian Gutekunst happy with draft, hasn’t heard from Aaron Rodgers on firing rumor

The Packers’ GM remains steadfast in his public commitment to Rodgers, who reportedly wants out of Green Bay.

Syndication: PackersNews Tom Silverstein/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Amidst a busy weekend (to say the least), Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst sounds happy with how the 2021 NFL Draft panned out, pointing to several “big moments” that shaped what turned out to be this year’s crop of Packers rookies.

Handling his fourth draft as the Packers’ general manager, Gutekunst told reporters Saturday he went into the draft hoping to target offensive linemen and cornerbacks. If that was the goal, he succeeded; the Packers added three offensive linemen and two corners over the course of the draft.

Though it may come too late to appease Aaron Rodgers, Gutekunst also was happy to add a wide receiver, and named the selection of Amari Rodgers in the third round as one of the best moments of his 2021 draft.

As to his post-draft plans, Gutekunst said he plans to add undrafted free agent wide receivers, if he can, and also plans to bring in some quarterback prospects: “We’ll add a third arm and maybe a fourth.”

Speaking to the latest in the Packers’ ongoing saga with Aaron Rodgers, Gutekunst said he hadn’t heard from Aaron Rodgers or his camp concerning the most recent developments, namely that Rodgers wants him fired.

“Aaron hasn’t said anything like that to me and certainly hasn’t said anything publicly” said Gutekunst. “I think that’s a little unfair to put that on him. Certainly don’t like to hear those things, but no, nothing’s been communicated directly to me.”