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Thursday Cheese Curds: 2021 schedule puts all eyes on the Packers

With or without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers will be must-see TV this season. It just might be for different reasons.

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Upon first viewing, it would appear that those who created the NFL schedule are counting on Aaron Rodgers returning to the Green Bay Packers.

The team has the maximum of five prime time games and likely has at least a couple more nationally broadcast games though two of those prime time games fall after when the NFL can flex games out of those time slots. Should Rodgers leave Green Bay and the team struggles, that is more than likely going to happen.

Regardless of what happens with their MVP quarterback, the Packers will be a team to watch. People will either want to see if Rodgers and the team can make it work or conversely just how good Jordan Love is because literally no one knows, not even the team.

Other specific things of note are the late bye week (Week 13) and the Packers once again open and close the season on the road with Week 17 once again being in Detroit. The NFL also should hopefully get its Rodgers/Mahomes duel in Week 9, barring injury or you know, Rodgers leaving the Packers.

There is more on the schedule in today’s curds including how the entire NFC North and not just the Packers face grueling schedules.

Packers 2021 schedule takeaways: TV networks banking on Aaron Rodgers staying in Green Bay— (subscription)

If Rodgers returns, everyone will want to see how they make it work during the season when adversity eventually hits. If Rodgers leaves, everyone will want to watch how big of a train wreck the Packers could be under Love. All eyes will be on Green Bay, regardless of the outcome of the current stalemate.

Five primetime games highlight Packers’ 2021 season schedule—

Green Bay is going from one extreme to the other in terms of the bye week, so once again managing the health of players is going to be critical. Thankfully Matt LaFleur and staff have a done a good job of this in their two years in charge.

Quick thoughts on Green Bay Packers’ 2021 schedule—Packers Wire

While the Packers may have a tough schedule, the early slate of quarterbacks doesn’t look too awful with Ben Roethlisberger looking like the best of the bunch.

Toughest NFL schedules of 2021: Chiefs among teams with most daunting slates—

At least the Packers can feel better knowing the rest of the division also faces difficult schedules and if Rodgers returns, that should be enough to tip the scales in their favor in terms of winning the NFC North.

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