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Cheese Curds, 5/20: getting to know Royce Newman and Cole Van Lanen

The Packers brought quite a few young offensive linemen to the team this spring. Getting to know them is a fun part of the offseason process.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s anything that the analytics movement has done well, it’s been shining a light on who’s making a difference up front. Offensive linemen are often anonymous, toiling in the trenches while “skill position” players benefit from their labor, as though working angles and identifying leverage and executing the complex ballet that is an NFL blocking scheme isn’t skilled work in its own way.

The post-draft period gives us a nifty opportunity to part the fog of war and get a look at offensive linemen, especially younger prospects. This year, we get to become acquainted with three offensive line draft picks in Josh Myers, Royce Newman and Cole Van Lanen.

Will any of them pan out? Doesn’t matter, at least not right now. We’ll see soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy this unique time of getting to know some of the prospects that are going to make life easier for the Packers up front.

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