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APC Podcast: Can Aaron Rodgers get his Elway ending?

Zach, Ben, and Justis gather to discuss the latest Packers happenings, from the drama to the draft.

This is the time of year where we like to dig into the Green Bay Packers’ new draft class, and we promise that we do do that on today’s show — mostly thanks to the super smart and ever-cooperative Justis Mosqueda.


With the phrases “Kumerow” and “Krause” both trending on Twitter, and with the stakes so darn high, it’s impossible not to devote a chunk of today’s show to the quarterback, Aaron Rodgers — as is likely to be the case, like it or not, until this thing shakes out.

Today, Justis makes the case of the “Elway ending,” the unfortunately precedent-setting template for the way a start quarterback can get one last ring for his franchise and ride off into the sunset. The idea is like narcotics to star quarterbacks, and it could be at play in Aaron Rodgers’ mind. Is it possible for Rodgers to get his Elway ending?

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