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Jay Glazer: Aaron Rodgers “Still Wants Out”

Jay Glazer claims that quarterback Aaron Rodgers still wishes to play for another team, while the Green Bay Packers “immediately shut down” trade offers.

Syndication: Journal Sentinel Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Fox insider Jay Glazer broke news in late April that Aaron Rodgers’ frustration with the Green Bay Packers organization was not a contractual issue, but an issue revolving around the drafting of 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love and the allegation that the team did not notify him of the selection, despite the team claiming that they did so to the public. On Wednesday’s taping of the Pat McAfee Show, Glazer updated the public on Rodgers’ situation, stating, “I know he still wants out. Without a doubt. Absolutely. Still wants out.”

This is in direct conflict with former teammate James Jones’ comments on the situation, where Jones claimed, “I truly believe he will be there for training camp,” just a week ago.

“They didn’t suddenly come out and insult him and go ‘Okay, now it’s fixed,’” Glazer added. This is likely a reference to Packers president Mark Murphy calling Rodgers “a complicated fella” a day after Jones indicated that Rodgers would show his face at mandatory training camp. Whether or not being called a “complicated fella” is an insult is in the eye of the beholder, but little that the Packers have said publically can be considered an “insult”, if not that, since Rodgers’ conflict with the organization became public on draft day.

We don’t have to pretend here. If Glazer is telling us that Rodgers still isn’t happy in Green Bay, it’s because Rodgers wants Glazer to tell us that Rodgers still isn’t happy in Green Bay. This news (if that’s the right term for an update that the situation hasn’t changed) coming a day after the reigning MVP wore an “I’m Offended” shirt at a golf press conference probably isn’t a coincidence.

Glazer also noted Green Bay’s current mindset of the situation, insisting “Every time somebody called the Packers, [a trade offer] was immediately shut down.” The news? No news. Everyone is holding firm. Green Bay’s mandatory training camp will start in late July, with Rodgers’ appearance on golf’s “The Match” on TNT slated for July 6th. We’ll keep you updated through then, as the situation hopefully changes.

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