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Several 2022 College Football Hall of Fame finalists have Packers ties, including Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers is one of several individuals on this year’s finalists list who spent time in Green Bay.

Defensive End Julius Peppers #49 of the North Carolina (UNC) Tar Heels

On Wednesday morning, the College Football Hall of Fame announced their 132 finalists for their 2022 class, including eight players and coaches who have passed through Green Bay. The highlight of the class, in terms of Packers contributions, is former pass-rusher Julius Peppers, who was an All-American at the University of North Carolina before earning a Pro Bowl in green and gold in 2015.

Five other finalists were signed as players with the Green Bay Packers, but never played a regular season game for the team: quarterbacks Josh Heupel, Michael Bishop and Tim Couch, offensive lineman Joe Garten and running back Rashaan Salaam. Current USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell, who registered four passes with the Packers as Aaron Rodgers’ backup, also made the list for his play as Texas Tech’s quarterback.

The only coach out of the 33 finalists who spent time in Green Bay in this class is Sylvester Croom, who helped the Packers register a 34-14 record from 2001 to 2003 as the team’s running backs coach before leaving for the head coaching job at Mississippi State, making him the first black head coach in SEC football history.

Voting will be open for the next three weeks for members of the hall of fame, with winners expected to be announced in January.