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Derek Carr on Davante Adams potentially hitting free agency: “It will be a full-court press.”

In an interview in California, Davante Adams’ former Bulldog quarterback speaks on them linking up again in the future.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Bri Mellon of ABC 30 in Fresno, former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr spoke on his former teammate Davante Adams’ unsure future with the Green Bay Packers. Mellon asked, “There was some rumors swirling around that your former teammate Davante Adams would be a Raider. What’re your thoughts on those rumors?”

This, to me, seemed to come out of nowhere. Sure, quarterback Aaron Rodgers had been linked to Las Vegas, less so than to Denver, but Adams? These “rumors” appear to stem from a tweet by his brother, David, a former NFL quarterback who has spent some time in the media. David tweeted on May 10th that “‘People’ are aware” that Adams could be available in free agency next season after Adams mentioned that Rodgers’ situation with the team could impact his potential contract extension with the Packers.

This is possibly the least sly way to say “my brother knows Adams could hit free agency and wants him” while also having plausible deniability. How did the younger Carr answer the question? He first stated that Adams is “the best receiver” in the NFL, which is up for debate, but Adams is coming off of his first All-Pro season in the league. He then claimed, “it would unlock some things in both of us that people haven’t seen yet.”

Derek, what can you unlock in Adams that Rodgers hasn’t already done? I would like some clarity there. Worth mentioning: Fresno State’s offense for Carr’s last two years with the program was about as close to a meme of a spread offense as you’d find in college football then or since. If you want to drive yourself crazy, count how many screens the Bulldogs ran in their Las Vegas Bowl matchup against USC in Carr’s final game with Fresno State. In a 45-20 loss, Carr threw 54 passes for just 216 yards.

Lastly, Carr said, “I will be recruiting very hard. So when that time comes, it will be a full-court press.” What a starting NFL quarterback wants may not matter in the long-term view of a franchise’s plan (see: Rodgers, Aaron), but congratulations to Adams who now has an active and willing conduit to drive his negotiating price up for his potential extension with Green Bay.

This is significant, as last week in an interview with Fox News Adams said, “We haven’t really done anything or talked about anything that’s worth mentioning,” in regards to his ongoing contract negotiations with the Packers. Adams is currently going into the final year of his first veteran extension, with Spotrac estimating that his annual salary on his next contract will approach $25 million per year.

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