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Cheese Curds, 7/20: Love waits while Rodgers soap opera takes another turn

The second-year QB is reaping the benefits of a full offseason.

Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The NFL is frequently characterized as some kind of mix between a soap opera and reality TV. Taken in that light, this morning’s entirely manufactured report from Adam Schefter makes a lot more sense.

Without financial details, Schefter’s report is essentially worthless. What’s more, we’ve known about the broad strokes literally for months. It’s really just a matter of which NFL reporter you want to cite: Mike Silver reported the Packers and Rodgers were working on a deal in April, Ian Rapoport said the same in April, as did Bob McGinn. But, in need of some extra eyeballs around another premier sporting event (tonight’s NBA Finals game), ESPN decided to push a story that would get everyone talking for a day.

Based on the online reaction, it’s worked. Even if most of the reaction is people loudly declaring their priors (It’s never been about the money! Schefter is a hack! The Packers wasted Rodgers! I need attention!), people are still spending their day talking about ESPN’s most noteworthy NFL personality.

That’s how this game works, and Schefter seems to be pretty good at playing it.

You should still clown on him, though.

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