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Green Bay Packers officially void Aaron Rodgers’ 2023 season in new contract adjustment

In the end, Aaron Rodgers’ Summer of the Holdout knocks his contract with three years remaining into a two-year deal.

Green Bay Packers Training Camp Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Think Adam Schefter was done talking about Aaron Rodgers? Think again, folks! ESPN’s national NFL reporter broke the news on Thursday afternoon that Rodgers has officially adjusted his contract with the Green Bay Packers after days of speculation over the details that led to him returning to the team in 2021.

The ongoing conversations were important enough that yesterday during his media availability general manager Brian Gutekunst avoided talking about Rodgers’ contract structure, as he stated that nothing was technically official yet. Today, Gutekunst ended his media availability by stating that Rodgers still had three years left on his contract. Now, officially, Rodgers has two.

Earlier this week, Rodgers claimed that while discussions about his 2022 status are going to be ongoing, he does not control his landing spot next season. This allows for the Packers to potentially leverage a long-term deal to extend Rodgers after the season, theoretically giving them a boost in cap space in 2022 before the salary cap explodes with post-Covid era cap rules and new league-wide television revenue in 2023.

If the Packers do not work to extend Rodgers after the season, Green Bay will still assume a $2.85 million cap hit in 2023 due to the team turning most of his 2019 salary into a signing bonus, despite the fact that he’s not technically under contract with the team for that season. Basically, Rodgers has earned the right to negotiate a contract in which he would make more than $25.5 million in cash in 2023, which he was slated for up until today.