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Training to be a Quarterback in Virtual Reality

Matub attempts to hone his skills at QB in VR

The worst part of the offseason is officially here. OTAs are over and training camp isn’t for another few weeks. The only “real” Packers news right now is a series of speculations about abuse of the Covid-19 opt out clause and the recent discovery that “Ask Vic” still exists.

I decided to take the offseason doldrums head-on and strapped my Oculus Quest 2 to my face in an attempt to create a real quarterback controversy. Using the game 2MD: VR Football from Truant Pixel, I know I can be the next great Packers quarterback. It doesn’t matter that I’m on the wrong side of 30, I’m only 5’9, my 40 time is slower than Peyton Manning running a naked boot, I have tendonitis in both elbows, or that I can’t actually throw a football more than 40 yards...

What matters is effort, I think.

Enter: Virtual Reality. For the cost of a Nintendo Switch anyone can buy this standalone headset, strap it to their face, and flail around like the tube man outside of a car dealership. In the short time I’ve owned my “toaster goggles” I’ve managed to pretend to be a boxing champion in Thrill of the Fight, which is surprisingly a great workout. I’ve cut down countless floating boxes in Beat Saber, the lovechild of Guitar Hero and Fruit Ninja. I’ve also lived out my childhood dream of flying an X-wing in Star Wars: Squadrons.

I feel like every Packer fan spent at least some of their childhood imagining they were the team’s quarterback. I decided to make that dream a (virtual) reality. So check out the video above to see my journey into the life of a QB and my attempt to replace Aaron Rodgers myself. It all even ends in true Packers fashion.