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Aaron Rodgers on 2021 status with the Green Bay Packers: “I don’t know.”

Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady speak their truths on Rodgers’ ongoing friction with the Green Bay Packers during golf’s The Match, providing no real clarity on the situation.

Syndication: PackersNews Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Before the 12th hole of the fourth edition of The Match, TNT’s broadcast crew finally got the chance to ask quarterback Aaron Rodgers the question everyone has been wondering for months: Will Rodgers be the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in 2021?

The opportunity presented itself after a bear was noticed on the edge of the Montana golf course. Below is the exchange between host Brian Anderson, Larry Fitzgerald, Charles Barkley and Rodgers:

Anderson: Packers-Bears, any idea who is going to be there? Anybody who is going to be quarterbacking in the number 12 jersey?

Rodgers: Yeah, I don’t know, BA. We’ll see. We’ll see won’t we?

Anderson: How about September 12th then? Will you go for that one?

Rodgers: What’s that one?

Anderson: That would be the opener against the Saints. All cheesers rejoice.

Rodgers: Ohh. Yeah, I don’t know, BA. We’ll see. I know you’re a Milwaukee guy.

Fitzgerald: Aaron, everybody’s on their toes. They want to know, man. They want to know.

Rodgers: I’m just having a good time out here with Tom [Brady]. I’m trying to talk to him about if he’s going to keep playing or not. You know?

Barkley: Hey, Aaron, we go way back. You can just tell me. I’ll keep it a secret. I promise I will not put it anywhere.

Rodgers: Charles, I’ll tell you this week in Tahoe.

If Rodgers doesn’t tell Barkley in Tahoe, our next opportunity to get an indication of if he will or won’t play for the Packers this season may have to wait until July 27th, when the veterans are to report for training camp which begins the next day. Rodgers giving a non-answer is a non-surprise, as he spoke to the media yesterday to promote The Match, but used the time to speak about his opinion on how athletes view mental health more than he provided clarity on his current dispute with the Packers.

Brady also poked fun at Rodgers, when Brady’s tight end Rob Gronkowski called in to give his thoughts on the event mid-match.

Brady told his former New England and current Tampa Bay teammate, “I’m studying my competition. Look, I’m 30 yards away from Aaron who’s, you know, the leader of the Packers...I think.” It’s worth noting that the two quarterbacks had been chippy with the trash talk all day and all four golfers could hear Brady and Gronkowski’s conversation in their earpieces.