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APC Podcast: Jordan Love’s throwing mechanics and other preseason observations

Justis Mosqueda joins the pod to make us all a bit smarter and share what he liked — and what he didn’t — from Jordan Love’s first action.

While it’s usually the official APC Podcast stance that watching the preseason live is perhaps not the best way you could spend your time, it was hard to deny the excitement around this year’s inaugural Green Bay Packers preseason game against the Houston Texans. After all, it was the first real look at Jordan Love playing against an opposing NFL team.

So... how did it go?

Well. It’s the preseason. So it’s important not to get bogged down in stat lines and scores. Rather, it’s better to look at isolated moments and mechanics. And to do that we’re joined by Justis Mosqueda. Along with highlighting some positives — and not-so-positives — in Jordan Love’s tape, we also muse about a few other preseason observations, including:

  • Oh no O line: yikes, that was rough
  • Is Devin Funchess playing himself into a trade?
  • Oren Burks: blitzer?!
  • Josh Jackson gets smoked, then shipped out.

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