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Monday Cheese Curds: The waiting is almost over

The preseason is in the books while cutdown day and the regular season loom.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is over, the final preseason game is in the books, and all that remains is waiting.

While fans await the Packers’ Week 1 kickoff in New Orleans, 27 members of the roster await some unfortunate news as the cutdown deadline looms.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ front office awaits news of who else is on the outs around the league, potentially scooping up some fringe contributors (or a new long snapper) who have been cast off of other rosters.

It really drives home how much waiting there is in football, even if it’s as simple as waiting through a commercial break between an extra point and kickoff.

But soon enough, that waiting will come to an end. Now that the preseason is over, the time we have to wait is growing much shorter.

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