Over/Under-rated Packers

I've had the idea to make this post before the season started and now or basically has. So this is just a quick take on who I think is overrated or underrated.

1. The first and biggest overrated is Rashaan Gary. I don't know why everyone talks about him as if he's going to be better than Clay Matthews, and this is the year he's going to prove it! Sofar he hasn't even been as good as Nick Perry. Though he has been healthier than Nick Perry was. I would love to be proven wrong, but it still seems like he's #3 on the depth chart if Zadarius and Preston are healthy. Right now I would probably be content if he could even be as good as Kyler Fackrell. I don't know why Gary isn't good yet or if he'll ever be good. And I really don't know why everyone has him so highly rated.

2. Dean Lowry is underrated. He's not an nfl star, but he's a starter quality d lineman. And it might be easy playing next to Kenny Clark, but then again you have to remember that the 3rd guy on the line is just some undrafted guy. Every team needs these types of players. And he's always dependable to be in there scrapping it out. And that's great, because there's really not anyone behind him on the depth chart. But it seems likemost people just want to replace him. Why? Cause he's not jj watt? Well neither will his replacement be.

3. Our safety tandem is so overrated. I love Adrian Amos, but I wonder how high his ceiling is at this part of his career. And he's not such a freak that he can cover up for most of the defense like a Harrison Smith can. Now I don't know what to think about Darnell Savage. I was super excited for him and his speed, but sofar he just seems to be out there starting, a little bit like Dean Lowry. Which isn't bad, but everyone talks about this duo like they are Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. I always find myself wondering why our defense isn't a top defense. And I usually conclude that it has to be our safeties and inside linebackers. And whenit comes to the safeties, it has to be Savage. Because Amos is too solid. I'm definitely still super excited for Darnell Savage as he matures in the pro game, but sofar hers really lacking... Something.

4. Billy Turner is a real good nfl tackle. He plays well as the right tackle and did a real good job filling in as the left tackle when needed. I am actually real surprised that he's not the left tackle until Bahktiari gets back. Cause Elgton Jenkins is a great interior lineman, but I'm nervous about seeing him out on the edge. I feel like generally guards make better right tackles cause they are usually the maulers in the run game. So I'm surprised that Turner isn't the LT and Jenkins the RT. Turner is underrated... As a tackle.

5. Eric Stokes is basically just Kevin King, yet everyone is so excited about him. And I thinks it's probably mainly just because he isn't Kevin King. I won't judge the rookie too harshly at the beginning of the season, but as a 1st rounder he definitely should be showing promise in the 2nd half of the season otherwise... We might have another Kevin King/salacious Randall.

6. I just want to say that AJ Dillon is so overrated right now. I love the character, but the football player is not very good sofar. He goes down at first contact too much. And has not shownthat he can get the tough 1 or 2 yards when it's needed. I expected him to be a better Eddie lacy, but sofar hers just been a... Alex Green. I think that if he was more specialof a player, gutey would not have brought aaron Jones back.

7. Even with all of the recognition, our guys Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones are still underrated. I just don't know how they are able to do the great things they do.

So those are my basic thoughts right now. I'm super excited about this year's packers because they've been so close these last two seasons, but at the same time I need to remember that this team is not too different from the 6 win team that got Mike McCarthy fired three seasons ago.

Anyway. I'm so glad football is back. Go pack go!

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