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Cheese Curds, 9/13: Blame everybody but the new punter for Packers’ terrible game

Corey Bojorquez was the only positive for the Packers on Sunday.

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Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Everything that could go wrong for the Green Bay Packers did so on Sunday. In the Jacksonville heat, the Packers’ offense couldn’t get anything going early, the defense gave up back-to-back 15-play touchdown drives, and the New Orleans Saints took a 17-0 lead early on and with ease.

In fact, the only good thing on the field for Green Bay yesterday was its new punter.

It’s not hyperbole to say that not a single player on offense or defense deserves praise for their play on Sunday. Instead, the team’s newest specialist had the best performance of any player wearing green, as Bojorquez averaged 44 yards per punt on four attempts. And while that average does not jump off the page, it does include a shorter, successful punt from near midfield that was downed inside the 20, which skewed the average down a bit. Most importantly, there were no inexplicable shanks, and if there’s simply consistency, that will be a step up from what the Packers had the past three years with JK Scott.

All told, the Packers look like they have an answer at punter. It’s too bad that that answer came on a day when virtually everything else on the team was called into question.

Game recap: 5 takeaways from Packers’ season-opening loss to Saints |
The Packers still had a chance to get back in the game, down 17-3 in the third quarter, until Aaron Rodgers made a terrible throw to Davante Adams and got picked off. Matt LaFleur thought it was a good decision (Adams was open) but an unfortunately bad throw, but Rodgers said he'd rather have thrown it away or dumped it off to Aaron Jones.

1 standout and 4 underachievers from Packers’ season-opening loss to Saints | Packers Wire
It's not a good thing when the only person you can identify as being a standout is your new punter, but at least Corey Bojorquez looked like a long-term answer.

Matt LaFleur says Saints 'absolutely embarrassed' Packers as Aaron Rodgers cautions, 'it's just one game' | ESPN
This was easily the biggest loss of Rodgers' career as a starter and, as he said, he "played bad." The Packers also lamented not being able to run the ball, but they never really had a chance as they were playing catch-up after running just 12 plays in the first 29 minutes of game time.

'Absolutely embarrassed us today': Why Packers were so bad in 38-3 loss to Saints – The Athletic
Rodgers also said he thought that there was some overconfidence on the Packers' part. Whether that was the reason for the abysmal performance or if it was something else, the result remains the same: Green Bay put itself in an early hole on Sunday.

Silver Lining in Green Bay Packers' Blowout Loss to New Orleans Saints - Sports Illustrated
It's not a silver lining, just a sign that teams can overcome losses like this and win titles. In fact, the Buccaneers lost to the Saints by the exact same score last year, and that game was a home game for Tampa and came in week 9.

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There's video of the poor cat's fall, but some fans at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami were able to give it a soft landing in the stands below. Well done!