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Exclusive: APC talks to Aaron Jones about his Home Base, funky offseasons, and Jordan Love

“I just wanted to take the time to share the places in my home that are meaningful to me.”

Before the regular season kicked off, Packers starting running back Aaron Jones took the time to speak to Acme Packing Company about his partnership with USAA on his Home Base project and various things Packers. Topics include what it is like to participate in back-to-back irregular summers in the NFL, what expectations feel like in Green Bay after back-to-back NFC Championship game appearances, and what Jordan Love looks like in practice at this point in his young career.

If you would like to watch his Home Base video in partnership with USAA, check it out on ESPN’s YouTube channel linked below. Jones walks the viewer through his El Paso home, explains how his service member parents molded his approach to life, and shows us the trophy room where he and his brother Alvin compete head-to-head on their gaming consoles.

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