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Packers’ regular season opponents are set for 2022, includes Cowboys & Titans at Lambeau

The top seeds in the 2021 playoffs will play one another next year at Lambeau Field.

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With the NFL’s regular season finally concluded, each team’s set of opponents for the 2022 regular season are now set. For the Green Bay Packers, who won the NFC North once again in 2021, that means that they will face another first-place schedule, drawing tough matchups in their three games that depend on divisional finishes.

The NFL’s schedule rotation cycles divisionally, with each team cycling through the other divisions in its conference every three years and the other conference’s divisions every four. In 2022, the NFC North draws the NFC East and AFC East divisions. With the division title, the Packers then draw the first-place teams from the other two NFC divisions, the West and South, while the addition of the 17th game to the schedule gives them the division winner out of the AFC South as well.

That sets up to give the Packers games against four of the other five playoff teams in the NFC and three AFC playoff teams. One of those AFC teams, the Tennessee Titans, is the #1 seed in this year’s postseason on that side of the bracket, while Green Bay will face the 2, 3, 4, and 6 seeds from this year’s NFC field.

Here are the 17 opponents for the Packers in 2022:

Home Games (9)

Road Games (8)

This sets up to be another tough schedule, but Green Bay gets the benefit of having an extra home game next season thanks to the home/away rotation of that 17th game. Getting the Titans in Green Bay will be a rematch of the week 16 matchup from 2020, when the Packers, behind running back AJ Dillon, demolished Tennessee in the snow.

Next season will also be the first time since 2014 that the Packers play the Patriots at home, and it promises to deliver Mike McCarthy’s first regular season game at Lambeau Field since being fired by the Packers in 2018.